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At a time when studies are telling us that ‘the average girl’s self-esteem peaks at the age of 9 and then plummets,’ REALgirl is dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls ages 9-16 to discover their ‘REAL’ (authentic) selves and develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage they need to consistently make informed life-choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect, and strength.

As a quickly-growing organization, REALgirl seeks qualified, passionate, and dedicated women to train to become REALgirl Certified Instructors and bring this revolutionary and transformative program to their communities.

All of our instructors are paid, as we believe that it’s not possible to teach girls that their time and energy is valuable, if we have women leading them who aren’t being compensated for their time.

We offer two tiers of certfication, depending on the level of commitment you want to make: Certified Lead Instructor and Certified Assistant Instructor.

To receive additional details about instructor certification, begin the application process, or be added to our waitlist for future trainings, email

Upcoming 3-Day Trainings:

TBA – Spring 2017

Location – Los Angeles

Outside of the Los Angeles area? Whenever we have interest from a new community, we start by training at least one local woman as a Certified REALgirl Instructor. She becomes the person ‘on the ground,’ leading outreach efforts and igniting relationships with schools and parents (all with the guidance and support of our home office in Los Angeles). On the rare occasion that there are 4 or more women in one community who want to work together to bring REALgirl to their community, REALgirl Creator and Program Director, Anea Bogue, will fly to them and lead Phase 1 of training over the course of 3 days.

Become a REALgirl Guest Expert

REALgirl camps and workshops bring in guest experts to share their unique talents and expertise with the girls. If you are yoga instructor, nutritional expert, or belly dancer, and you’d like to make a positive impact in the lives of girls, contact for more information.

What’s Happening?

REALgirl endorsement from Elle Fanning and Variety magazine

Elle Fanning spreads the word about her favorite charity, REALgirl, and how it empowers girls to reach their full potential and lead positive lives.

Elle Fanning thanks Variety for donating to her favorite charity →

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