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“Anea has been a Godsend to my family and me. We were going through a very difficult transitional period and I was paralyzed with self-doubt, guilt and fear. I had seen many therapists, but I felt like I was getting nowhere and that things were only getting worse. Then I was introduced to Anea and I instantly felt that I was dealing with a woman who really gets it. In my opinion, Anea is unique in that she really puts her clients to work. You are not just sitting there once a week, talking about your problems over and over. Anea uses her expertise, intuition and her beautiful balance of compassion and follow-through. With Anea’s help, I saw progress and things became much clearer for me. She understands the female spirit and values a woman’s life stages. She helped me find the strength within myself to make the choices I needed to make in order to lead to a more joyful life. I am forever grateful for her service.” -Amber

“Anea has helped me to push past the ‘barriers’ I have created for myself over time, which have been so difficult to break down on my own. With Anea’s guidance, I have been able to take a different approach to understanding why these ‘barriers’ have come in to place. She has helped me to rewire my way of thinking and slowly replace my self-doubt with awareness and understanding that are both positive and filled with limitless possibilities.” -Suzanne

“Words cannot describe how much this woman has impacted my life. Anea has influenced me to become a strong woman who stands up for her self and doesn’t follow a certain prescribed path, but creates her own. I know that my future would have been extremely different had I not met Anea.” -Caity

“Anea came into my life like an angel at the right moment, waving her magic wand of compassion, understanding, respect and self-discovery. She has the perfect blend of life skills coaching, analysis and respect for personal direction to empower me to go forward to a place of happiness and calm in my life. Thank you, mystical beautiful woman!” -Teresa

“This is my work with Anea – a journey to unravel, to de-layer, to let go of all that the preceding years, experiences, circumstances have encased me in … to reach the core of me and the person I hoped I would be and now strive to become. With Anea as my guide, I feel like I have an ally to keep me safe, a teacher to help me seek and a friend to help me understand. After each conversation with her, I feel not only motivated to do the work, but also grateful to be involved in such a powerful experience as a woman. I thank Anea for this!” -Kathleen

“Anea gently holds up the mirror, so I can see that I am enough. She has been a tremendous comfort and support to me as I take on this new journey not only with my daughter, but also with myself.” -Karen

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Anea describes how women lose out in a patriarchal society on Women Speak Radio

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Q. I'm unhappy in my current job but am afraid of finding a new one. How can I get over this fear?

A. Fear is one of the most destructive emotions we experience as human beings and usually leads us to make the worst choices or paralyzes us so we get stuck in situations that no longer serve us.

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Anea's Huffington Post article, '9 Things Every Woman Should Know About Menstruation,' has been named one of the 'most read' in 2013 by Canadian Huffington Post!

Check out the article everyone is talking about here.

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Anea is currently accepting requests for customized workshops to be conducted for women in various stages of personal and professional development.

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