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Anea Bogue

My greatest passion is to see girls and women recognize the power they hold in their minds, bodies and spirits. After thousands of years of being told that women are inferior, dangerous, weak, and even evil, we are waking up from what I call a ‘protective coma’ to find that a world without the balance of male and female influence and guidance, will one day cease to be a sustainable world.

My work with adult women began when moms of my teen clients started to come to me for guidance with their own internal struggles. Often they were experiencing old adolescent wounds that were surfacing as a result of their daughter’s journey through adolescence. In other cases, they were simply facing a natural transitional time in life and wanted to make sense of it.

Today, the woman who finds me is usually waking up to her strength, her voice and a desire to create a path that is her own. She ranges in age from 20 to 60 and she is usually trying to put words and meaning to what feels like an inexplicable pull from within. Sometimes the pull is a gentle nudge and other times it is a violent shake that wakes her up and prompts her to ask, ‘Where am I? How did I get here? And is this really where I want to be?’

Whatever the case, we work together to find the answers to these questions and to determine where she wants to go next. Most importantly, I support any woman I work with in discovering and being her authentic self and it is my great honor to do so.


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Anea describes how women lose out in a patriarchal society on Women Speak Radio

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Q. I'm unhappy in my current job but am afraid of finding a new one. How can I get over this fear?

A. Fear is one of the most destructive emotions we experience as human beings and usually leads us to make the worst choices or paralyzes us so we get stuck in situations that no longer serve us.

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Anea's Huffington Post article, '9 Things Every Woman Should Know About Menstruation,' has been named one of the 'most read' in 2013 by Canadian Huffington Post!

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Anea is currently accepting requests for customized workshops to be conducted for women in various stages of personal and professional development.

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