What They’re Saying

“At first, I was skeptical about Anea coming to ‘invade my personal bubble,’ but I tried to think positively. My mom made it very clear that everyone needs someone to talk to. Anea has helped me develop a new perspective on both myself and girls in my generation. Anea came into my life and showed me things about myself I never knew existed. She helped me discover who I can truly be. She showed me techniques I could try to find my inner balance and through that inner balance, control myself and even my surroundings. She has helped me to reach some of my greatest personal goals and conquer my deepest fears in a gentle, respectful and considerate manner…Meeting and talking with Anea will change your life. Her easygoing and articulate nature will forever be engraved in your brain, and you will feel as though she is always by your side, even when no one else is.” -Kaylyn

“My work with Anea has dramatically shifted the dynamic of my relationship with both my daughters and myself. Anea’s keen sense of the feminine spirit and power is so inspirational. Her guidance is an invaluable tool for every girl and woman!!!!” –S. Wilson

“I met Anea when our life journey had come to a screeching halt and needed new direction. Anea became an instant addiction. All I wanted to do when I saw her was to talk, cry, laugh and be happy. She took our halted journey, added some gas in the tank, gave us a new edition road map and very quickly we were on our way to paradise. Anea is just incredible, charming, loving, smart, intuitive and caring. She does not judge, she does not demand, she just lets you take the lead and then gently guides you down the path you want to follow. Sometimes humans get lost in the woods and she becomes a loveable compass.” -S. Cloete

“Anea’s appreciation of, and expertise in, the broader issues of interpersonal communication as it relates to parenting and child empowerment are phenomenal. I feel truly blessed to have had her input in our lives. Anea will forever be a positive influence on our journey!” – T. Earle

“…Anea’s wisdom and guidance drive women to grow, to love themselves, and to succeed. She has been a constant light and support for countless young women who might not be where they are today without her passionate dedication.” -Lauren

“Anea is a safe middle ground for me. She has brought my mother and me closer together because of all our sessions and her unconditional support…Anea continues to help me because she understands teenagers and helps me to recognize the good in myself.” -Vera

“With her wisdom always as a backpedal, I have become headstrong and confident in my upcoming college years. I like who I’ve become; without Anea in my life, I would NOT be the person I am today. Anea was and continues to be a great mentor and friend.” -DeeDee

“Anea gently holds up the mirror, so I can see that I am enough. She has been a tremendous comfort and support to me as I take on this new journey, not only with my daughter, but also with myself.” –Karen

“There are no words to express my gratitude for the passion and support Anea has generously given my daughter and me in our time of crisis. She always brought out the best in both of us.” -Aime’e

“Anea was a liaison between my daughter and me and I knew immediately I could trust her judgment and advice…She has a special gift for working with even the most challenging teen girls. She helps them find the good in themselves and gives them back their future.” –Robin

“I am a full-time mom with a Psychology background and still I was unprepared for the communication breakdown with my two teenage daughters. Anea came into our lives when I felt desperate and uncertain. She immediately helped to put me at ease, which directly affected how I related to my daughters. The “safe” environment Anea created helped my daughters express themselves. I do not believe any other “therapy” would have changed our family dynamic. The value of what she brought to all of us is priceless. Anea is a most precious resource for mothers and daughters.” -Tracy

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Anea breaks the taboo surrounding menstration in her Huffington Post Article '9 Things Every Woman Should Know About Menstruation,' which was voted 'most read in 2013' by Canadian Huffington Post. Read the full article here.

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Q. How do I keep my two teenage girls from fighting/competing with one another? -Maureen, Dallas, TX

A. Negative competition is rooted in low self-value. I strongly believe that when we recognize and are happy with our own strengths and talents, we are less likely to feel that we have to compete to be like or better than someone else...

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