Coaching Services

Anea offers a variety of customized alternatives to support women of all ages depending on personal needs, preference and budget.

  • One-on-One:

This popular option allows for highly customized support and guidance toward personal and professional empowerment. Anea works closely with each client to discover her unique potential, individual strengths, inner and outer beauty and to develop tools to create a successful, fulfilling path in life.

  • FORMAT: Coaching sessions may be conducted in person, via video conferencing or by phone. Each session is 50 minutes in length and access via email between sessions is included.
  • OBJECTIVE: The intent of each session is to encourage greater and healthier self-awareness, develop tools to be used on a daily basis and determine specific action steps toward our determined goal.
  • Empowerment Workshops for Women:

In a relaxed group setting, Anea guides women through a process of re-connecting with themselves and provides understanding of the source of many internal and external challenges women face, while presenting tools to identify and create a life path of their choosing.

  • FORMAT: Workshops are offered both in person and via telephone or videoconference. In-person workshops take place in full day, weekend and weekly formats. Telephone and videoconference workshops take place in weekly format (usually 6 weeks).
  • OBJECTIVE: The approach and content of these workshops is intended to provide participants with greater understanding of their unique strengths as women and the many ways in which these can translate into a more empowered and successful personal and professional life.

Speaking Engagements:

Anea is a highly sought-after speaker by groups, both large and small. Always tailored specifically to her audience, Anea’s presentations are research-based, candid and designed to allow for optimum interactivity. Anea is consistently commended for her warm, genuine style, her ‘real-life’ perspective and her ability to connect with her audience.


Anea consults for local and national organizations dedicated to the health, wellbeing and empowerment of girls and women. She provides direction regarding potential programs and opportunities consistent with their goals.

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Anea describes how women lose out in a patriarchal society on Women Speak Radio

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Q. I'm unhappy in my current job but am afraid of finding a new one. How can I get over this fear?

A. Fear is one of the most destructive emotions we experience as human beings and usually leads us to make the worst choices or paralyzes us so we get stuck in situations that no longer serve us.

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Anea's Huffington Post article, '9 Things Every Woman Should Know About Menstruation,' has been named one of the 'most read' in 2013 by Canadian Huffington Post!

Check out the article everyone is talking about here.

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Connecting with Anea

Anea is currently accepting requests for customized workshops to be conducted for women in various stages of personal and professional development.

Anea's Workshops feature:

  • In-person Workshops
  • Telephone Workshops
  • Video Conference Workshops
  • Relaxed Group Setting

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