Coaching Teen Girls And Their Moms

What is the role of a teen girl life coach?

A life coach is a highly trained professional whose role is to help guide you to a deepened knowledge and awareness of your own best self and to assist in the development of tools that enable you to more effectively set and achieve specific goals, achieve personal empowerment and enhance quality of life.

What can a coach do for your teenage daughter?

Research now tells us that in western society, a girl’s self-esteem peaks at the age of nine and then plummets through her adolescent years. Teen girl life coaching provides guidance, support and encouragement thereby helping to enable your daughter to maintain or re-build her self-esteem, discover who she is as an individual and develop tools for empowerment that make it possible for her to live to her true potential. Thus, the value of a coach and mentor who can establish rapport with your daughter and provide her with the tools with which to discover and maintain her best self is beyond measure.

How can you benefit from a life coach as the mom of a teen daughter?

Our daughter’s transition through adolescence demands that we reinvent ourselves as mothers and re-define our relationship with her as she moves from childhood to adulthood, but sits somewhere in between. Additionally, for some of us, our own adolescent wounds are stirred by our daughter’s changing behavior, interests and struggles, making it difficult to stay clear and grounded in the process of guiding and supporting her.

A life coach provides guidance, support and encouragement.At a time that is challenging and emotionally charged, accomplishing these enormous tasks alone can seem impossible. Teen girl coaching can provide guidance and support as you move through your own transition from the mother of a child to the mother of a teen while assisting with the development of tools to become a stronger, more grounded woman. Simultaneously, a coach can guide you, her mom and the one with daily access to your teen daughter, to incorporate the elements of mentorship in your parenting.

These skills will enable you to become your daughter’s most valued guide and a more effective parent who can maintain and nourish that all-important connection to your daughter.


“As mothers, we must embody the qualities we so desire for our daughters. If we do not demonstrate strong, confident, assertive, self-loving, healthy behavior, her chances of valuing and developing these qualities in herself are significantly diminished.”

-Anea Bogue

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