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Challenges Teen Girls Face

As a teen, your daughter is certain to face a plethora of challenges, the greatest of which may be making it through her adolescent years with her self-esteem in tact. In addition, it is essential that she develop a sense of who she is and who she desires to be in the world as well as to have a ‘voice’ she feels confident in and is capable of using in a variety of forms and forums.

Anea’s approach in working with tween and teen girls is rooted in the belief that adolescence is a fundamentally important transitional time. It is a time during which she must be provided with guidance, support and encouragement to open up and discover who she is as an individual and how she desires to fulfill her unique and valued purpose on the planet.


Anea has personally coached girls and their moms through challenges that include:

  • Academic performance pressures
  • Body image, awareness and self-acceptance
  • Confusion about direction and future
  • Dating (choices, relationships, break-ups, sexual activity)
  • Divorce-related challenges
  • Friendship dynamics (growing apart, betrayal, conflicts, negative competition)
  • Goal setting, pursuit and achievement
  • Low self-esteem
  • Peer, media & self imposed pressure
  • Social isolation and bullying
  • Stress
  • Time management, organization & life skills
  • Teen / Parent communication
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Q. How do I keep my two teenage girls from fighting/competing with one another? -Maureen, Dallas, TX

A. Negative competition is rooted in low self-value. I strongly believe that when we recognize and are happy with our own strengths and talents, we are less likely to feel that we have to compete to be like or better than someone else...

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