1 Day Workshops

REALWomen™ 1-day workshops are designed to give woman an intimate and transformative experience in a manageable timeframe and price-point. There are multiple 1-day offerings so women are able to choose the themes they feel most strongly drawn to. None of the workshops are a prerequisite for any other offering, so women can attend as many as they would like, in any order.

Following are some of the 1-day intensive workshops that we offer:

  • For Mothers: Body Knowledge & Appreciation and Creating Healthy Relationship with Self & Others – DATES TBA
  • Understanding the Impact of Media & Rebuilding Your Self Esteem – DATES TBA
  • Recovering Your Self Identity, Claiming Your Strengths,  & Authoring Your Own Story – DATES TBA
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries & Reclaiming Your Voice – DATES TBA

To find out more about upcoming workshops, or how to arrange a custom workshop for yourself and a group of friends, please send an e-mail to info@REALWomanPrograms.com.


Body Knowledge & Appreciation and Creating Healthy Relationship with Self & Others for Moms

This customized version of REALWoman™ is a unique and innovative workshop dedicated to supporting mothers of past or future REALgirl participants. This workshop will guide women through key modules that their girls experienced while attending REALgirl and offer tools for supporting themselves and their daughters on their path of wholeness and increased self-esteem. Working within an intimate group of women, participants will have the opportunity to create a support network with other mothers of REALgirls to navigate the challenges and joys of strengthening their own sense of self, while encouraging their daughters to find their voice and identity. This particular REALWoman™ workshop will guide and inspire you to…

  • Reconnect with your body and its unique gifts
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your female body & cycles
  • Support your daughter in being connected to her body and excited about her development
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries
  • Create healthy relationships with yourself & others
  • Gain a deeper understand of your personal relationship criteria
  • Receive a True Moon starter kit as a free gift! (the True Moon words can be a live link to the True Moon website: http://www.mytruemoon.com)
  • Receive a REALWoman t-shirt as a free gift!
  • Receive a personalized journal as a free gift!