This quiz is adapted from an American Girl book called, A Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship Troubles, which I really love and highly recommend you get. Take the quiz now!

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Girls! We created this quiz to help you get a sense of how healthy your relationship is with YOU because this is the foundation for building healthy relationships with anyone else. Take it now and see how you score! (Adult women can take it, too. Just change the word ‘girls’ to ‘women’ and  ‘boys’ to men in #13 and the words ‘in class’ to ‘at work’ in #19.)

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The Seven Sacred Rites of Menarche: The Spiritual Journey of the Adolescent Girl by Kristi Meisenbach Boylan

Moon Mother, Moon Daughter: Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming-of-Age by Janet Lucy and Terri Allison

Raising Confident Girls: 100 Tips for Parents and Teachers by Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer

Imagine a Woman in Love with Herself by Patricia Lynn Reilly

Life’s Daughter/Death’s Bride by Kathie Carlson

In Her Image: The Unhealed Daughter’s Search for Her Mother by Kathie Carlson

1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Women’s History by Constance Jones

American Girl, A Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship Troubles by Patti Kelley Criswell and Angela Martini

Girls (8-11):

Girls Rule by Ashley Rice

Real Beauty: 101 Ways to Feel Great About YOU (American Girl) by Therese Kauchak

Real Spirit: Fun ideas for refreshing, relaxing, and staying strong (American Girl) by Elizabeth Chobanian

The Care & Keeping of YOU Journal (American Girl) by Norm Bendell

A Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship Troubles (American Girl) by Patti Kelley Criswell

Girls (12-17):

33 Things Every Girls Should Know edited by Tonya Bolden

I am an Emotional Creature by Eve Ensler * (Girls & Moms)

The Goddess In Every Girl: Develop Your Teen Feminine Power by M.J. Abadie

1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Women’s History by Constance Jones

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Q. How do I keep my two teenage girls from fighting/competing with one another? -Maureen, Dallas, TX

A. Negative competition is rooted in low self-value. I strongly believe that when we recognize and are happy with our own strengths and talents, we are less likely to feel that we have to compete to be like or better than someone else...

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