1 or 2 Day Intensive Workshops

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Customized workshop for one or two consecutive days from 9 AM – 3 PM (After care available in certain locations)

We offer this format to schools and organizations that can provide space and participants. Administrators are asked to choose 2, 3 or 4 of the 9 modules that address the areas of greatest concern for the group. The workshop is then customized to the group of girls based on their needs. This workshop format is most suited to groups of 14 to 28 participants, though it can be customized for larger groups. All materials are provided, such as personalized journals, art materials, snacks, resources for the girls and their parents and more. If you are interested in bringing a 1 to 2-Day empowerment workshop to your organization, please feel free to contact us or follow the tips below on how to bring REALgirl® to you!

Strong Body, Powerful Body One-Day Intensive

Strong Body, Powerful Body is a brand new 1-Day Intensive, brought to you by REALgirl®, IMPACT Personal Safety, and TrueMoon®. This 6-hour workshop guides participants through fun, dynamic and informative material and activites aimed at inspiring each girl to form a healthy, empowered and loving relationship with her body.

During the first portion of the workshop, REALgirl® partners with a professional team from IMPACT Personal Safety, an international organization dedicated to ending the cycle of violence through simple yet effective self-defense and boundary-setting techniques. Participants are taught verbal and physical skills, practiced with an IMPACT team member, to help them avoid becoming the victim of a predator and to show them how to protect themselves if they find themselves targeted. Not only does this important training give them tools to keep them safe, the confidence and assertiveness it instills carries over into every aspect of their lives.

The second portion of the workshop comes from the REALgirl® module, Your Powerful, Magical Female Body, in conjuction with TrueMoon®, a unique organic tampon company dedicated to inspiring girls and women to form a more healthy and loving relationship with their bodies. Research shows that girls who are introduced to the topic of menstruation in a healthy, informed and positive way have more positive relationships with their bodies, and this workshop is a great jumping off point. Participants will be guided through the stages of puberty, as well as their entire 28-30 day menstrual cycle, learning how their hormones shift throughout their cycle as well as what strengths can be found in each phase. For when that special time comes (or even if it’s here already), each participant will receive a TrueMoon® Starter Kit, complete with a box of 100% organic tampons, a TrueMoon® signature carrying case, a dry erase cycle tracking chart, a dry erase marker, and a 24-page book by Anea Bogue, acclaimed self-esteem expert, creator of REALgirl® and co-founder of TrueMoon®!

Please email realgirl@aneabogue.com to bring this workshop to your school or organization.

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  • Contact your PTA president and share your desire to bring REALgirl® to your school
  • Contact your daughter’s school administrator to find out what steps are necessary to bring in an independent program
  • Reach out to other school faculty and staff
  • Get other parents involved in your mission


  • Identify the specific needs and desired issues you wish REALgirl® to target in your community
  • Contact Anea to customize a workshop or camp to your community’s needs and receive an email flyer to promote
  • Reach out to parents and get others involved
  • Put your own group together


Contact Anea Bogue for further info: info@aneabogue.com or 323-580-7048