What is REALgirl?


To help end gender inequality by fostering the ability of girls to discover their truest selves and develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage they need to consistently make informed life-choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-love and strength. A key component of our work involves building partnership with boys and men so all members of our human ‘team’ can function at their highest potential.


At a time when studies are telling us that ‘the average girl’s self-esteem peaks at the age of 9 and then plummets’, REALgirl® is dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls ages 9-16 to discover their ‘REAL’ (authentic) selves and develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage they need to consistently make informed life-choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect and strength.

It is the goal of REALgirl® to provide essential life skills every girl/young woman needs for healthy maturation, development, formation of healthy relationships and the opportunity to reach her own unique and highest potential. Through art, movement (yoga and dance), discussion, writing, theatre games, guest speakers and a variety of other fun and dynamic activities, participants will be guided to develop tools to successfully navigate issues every girl faces today.

These include:

  • Tools for self-reflection and discovery
  • Awareness of her capacity to create her own path
  • Identification and appreciation of her unique strengths
  • Body knowledge and appreciation
  • Awareness and trust in her instincts and intuitive wisdom
  • Critical analytical tools in relation to media and societal messages
  • Tools for creating healthy relationships
  • Taking responsibility for her own decisions
  • Self-Defense
  • Leadership skills
  • Development of networks and webs of support

The 9 Modules of REALgirl

Module 1: Discovering Your REAL Self
Module 2: Creating Your Own Path
Module 3: The Media & Body Image
Module 4: The Media & Gender Roles
Module 5: Your Powerful, Magical Female Body
Module 6: Treating Your Body As A Temple (Nutrition & Exercise For A Healthy You!)
Module 7: Creating A Healthy Relationship With Yourself
Module 8: Creating Healthy Relationships With Others & Conflict Resolution
Module 9: Claiming Your Strengths

Program Activities

Including, but not limited to:

Art: Collages • Vision Boards • Masks • Body Maps • Intention Bracelets

Group Activities: Charades • Tree of Strength • Skits • Performance • Self-defense • Magazines Detectives • Yoga • Dance • Various games

Meditation: Listening to Your Body • Creating Your Own Path • Body Appreciation

Group Discussion: ‘Moon’ (menstrual) Cycle • Bullying & Conflict Resolution • Media & Body Image • Treating Your Body As A Temple • Nutrition

Guest Experts on Yoga, Dance, Self-Defense, Nutrition, Conflict Resolution & Bullying, and Education Awareness

Camp/Workshop Formats

5-Day Summer Camps: Offered during the summer months on Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm.

1 or 2 Day Intensive Workshops: Customizable workshops for one or two consecutive days.

9-Week Afterschool Program: Offered on school campuses, our afterschool program is hosted once a week, for two hours, for nine consecutive weeks.

Body mappy at REAgirl Empowerment Workshops

REALgirl® Empowerment Workshops and Camps for Girls - by Anea Bogue
REALgirl® Testimonials

real: re*al (adjective) – genuine: authentic. Not imitation or artificial.

REALgirl: (noun) – A tween or teen girl committed to the ongoing mission of discovering, being and becoming her authentic self, mentally, physically and emotionally. She is dedicated to consistently developing and protecting her skills, knowledge, confidence and courage so that she may make informed choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect and strength. Most importantly, a ‘REALgirl’ recognizes that she is the author of her own path and is defined only by herself – not by the media, society or anyone else.

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  • Contact your PTA president and share your desire to bring REALgirl® to your school
  • Contact your daughter’s school administrator to find out what steps are necessary to bring in an independent program
  • Reach out to other school faculty and staff
  • Get other parents involved in your mission


  • Identify the specific needs and desired issues you wish REALgirl® to target in your community
  • Contact Anea to customize a workshop or camp to your community’s needs and receive an email flyer to promote
  • Reach out to parents and get others involved
  • Put your own group together

What’s Happening?

REALgirl endorsement from Elle Fanning and Variety magazine

Elle Fanning spreads the word about her favorite charity, REALgirl, and how it empowers girls to reach their full potential and lead positive lives.

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