REALgirl® Testimonials

REALgirl® Testimonials from Parents and REALgirls

“Our daughter was so happy during her week at REALgirl. On the last day of camp she came home glowing. She wanted to put her body map and mask up in her room right when she got home. The radiance shining from these artifacts continue to be a source of strength and inspiration for her. She still refers to them. Thanks for creating such a fab program.” – Cynthia, Mom

“Our daughter really is a wonderful example for girls, she’s strong and confident and comfortable in her very unique skin. But it isn’t always easy. Just when her sails were starting to sag, REALgirl filled them back up with a huge gust of wind. Thank you for that, from the very bottom of our hearts.” – Mark, Dad

“Everybody is so helpful and easy to deal with! Students progress in their whole being under the guidance of an amazing staff in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.” -Edward, Dad

“REALgirl was one of the best weeks my daughter has experienced in a learning environment. She came home enthused each day about her accomplishments and what she was learning. There was a palpable change in her immediately after the week concluded and she had graduated from the program….I know she can’t wait to be part of REALgirl next summer!” – Sean, Dad

“My 15-year old daughter loved the entire week! From the first day I noticed a difference in her mindset and energy. She returned home at peace, talkative (to me!) and genuinely interested in sharing her time with you and the other girls. Although I did not get all the details, she felt it was worth every minute of her time there and had difficulty leaving the last day. I know she left the week with a great deal of new insight. A big heartfelt thank you.” – Patricia, Mom

“REALgirl was a life-changing experience for my daughter! In one week’s time, she made well over a year’s worth of progress. She gained self-confidence, self-awareness, has become more empowered emotionally, has taken steps to address some unhealthy relationships in her life, and is generally happier. She is also armed with information about her body that supplements what I have already taught her, which makes me feel so relieved – we both feel very prepared!” -Traci, Mom

“I think REALgirl is a wonderful opportunity at this age for the girls to have an outside source to explore the issues that you brought up and to get them thinking about themselves and giving them some tools to work out things that they did not have before. Excellent beginning to a much needed opportunity and experience.” – Debra, Mom

“I thank the REALgirl program for adding a new dimension to my daughter’s life. She is more equipped than ever to develop her future proactively as a result of everything she learned in the program.” -Edward, Dad

Thoughts from REALgirls:

“I can honestly say it’s changed my life in such a huge way. I feel more confident, more informed, and I can explain and help people and myself more with the knowledge I know now!” -Donna, 14

“I loved creating the body maps because most people judge their body. Creating a body map helps you think, “Wow! My body’s AMAZING!” Thank you for the best week of my life!” – Nettie, 9

“I feel like I have become more confident and less shy. I also liked how we talked about women being powerful. By the end of the camp I could really see this.
– Taylor, 15

“I never thought I would make such good friends over one week of time together. I have gained loads of confidence since Monday!” – Victoria, 14

“REALgirl has helped me to realize my full potential in impacting others’ lives and helping them realize their full potential.” -Hannah, 12

“REALgirl is a very safe place. I really like everything about this camp.” -Emma, 10

“REALgirl is an amazing program that leads you on a path of self-discovery and self-respect. We learn to love ourselves, improve our relationships, and build and remove shields.” – Nadia, 15

“REALgirl helped me feel better about myself!” – Sarah, 10

“The memories I have made here will travel with me the rest of my life.” – Victoria, 14

“REALgirl really helped me come out of my shell. You learn so many amazing and great things that you probably will never learn if you haven’t gone to this program. I just graduated from REALgirl and I’m really glad I went. I made new friends and learned to be myself and not change for anyone. It is a great experience that every mom, teen, or young girl needs to see.” – Michelle, 11

“REALgirl has been the best camp I’ve ever been to. It is such an inspiration to all women and girls.” – Brooke, 13

“It made me aware and inspired to spread awareness about the media’s portrayal of women.” – Quyen, 11

“I got to the last day and I was so sad I couldn’t keep going.” – Christina, 13

“REALgirl has helped me find out who I really am. It has helped me understand puberty.” -Ysabella, 11

“We learned to be happy with who we are and not try to change ourselves for someone else. We also learned that girls are just as powerful as boys…It was really fun!” – Emilia, 10

“Because of this program, it has really taught me the power of girls and women and how capable they are of planning out and achieving their goals.” – Emily, 12

“You have no idea how this camp has impacted my life. I’ve learned so much from this experience. I feel like now I am a better me!” – Nicole, 10

“It taught me about my body, how to accept compliments, and feel good about myself.” -Hannah, 12

“It was awesome learning how to be confident.” – Cate, 10

“Doing the vision boards was fun and made my goals more possible.” – Helen, 11

“When I first joined REALgirl I wasn’t all that excited but through this short week REALgirl taught me things I didn’t even know about, and it answered questions I didn’t even know I had. REALgirl helped me dig deeper into myself and discover things about myself I hadn’t uncovered in the last 13 years.” -Charlotte, 13

“One of my favorite parts of REALgirl was learning about our mooncycle because it helped me understand my period and how my body works.” – Emma, 9

“REALgirl helped me overcome being scared of being myself in front of big kids.” – Sisi, 8

“I definitely feel a lot more confident with myself. I was unsure in the beginning but I’m definitely glad I did this; it was very empowering.” -Diana, 14

“I really like the grandmother meditation because I really felt it as a memory. I also like when we rated our relationships because it felt good to get my thoughts out. One challenge I overcame this week was really talking about the people in my life because before it was uncomfortable.” – Lydia, 9

“REALgirl helped me with all my fears of being shy and basically with my problems. REALgirl is a good place to go. I feel more powerful and not scared. It has shown me new ways to protect and help myself. I was nervous at first but I made good friendships and great memories. You learn so much and you just want to share and enjoy the experience.” -Mackenzie, 14

Letters to future REALgirls from REALgirl alumni:

Dear Future REALgirls…

“This camp is sooo awesome. Here I have made so many new friends and have done a lot of fun activities. We’ve all gotten really close, so none of us want to go home. So don’t worry, I’m sure you will have a blast. When I first came here I was really shy and worried that I wouldn’t fit in, but when I got here and as we went through the week, we’ve had soooo much fun. We’ve done some REALLY cool art projects and did some other really fun stuff that you’re gonna do. The counselors are so nice. This camp has made me more confident and brave. Now I feel like I can overcome any obstacles that come in my way. So don’t worry and have fun!!!” – Lauryn, 13

“At first, I was really nervous. After the first few activities, I felt that I could express myself and not be embarrassed. I am really normally a shy person. Knowing that there were all girls made me feel a lot more secure and safe to do what I feel like doing and talk about what I want to talk about. Have a great time!” -Ysabella, 11

“The camp will be really fun. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. This camp will NOT be boring. The art projects are interesting and right when you think they can’t get any better they do. The girls are all sweet. Some are really funny and out there. This camp is very inspiring and will help you be more confident. You will want to keep attending the camp when it’s over! Well, have fun because I know you girls will have fun in this camp!” – Ana, 17

“You will love REALgirl camp. We do masks, body maps, trees, yoga, & meditation rocks! I made friends, learned about my body, and much more! You will make tons of new friends at REALgirl, I promise!” -Daphne, 9

“I wish that on the first day I had opened up the way I hope you do. Speak up if you have something to say! Trust your counselors. In the end they will be in your heart forever (same with your sisters)! This is a safe place. Have fun and respect yourself!” – Brooke, 13

“You’ll have the best time at REALgirl! You’ll do some really fun crafts! You’ll learn lots of fun things about yourself and your body. You also get to do some super fun and relaxing meditations and learn some fun yoga poses! You will truly be empowered!” -Lexi, 10

“At first I didn’t even want to come. By Wednesday I felt more open. All the kids were really nice and I really enjoyed it. I also learned a lot. Listen and trust your counselors. Believe me, you will love it.” – Jessica, 13

“REALgirl is a special all girls camp with lots of fun activites. Some things we do in REALgirl are discovering who you are, body knowledge, learning about how the media photoshops models, healthy relationships, and claiming our strengths. This fun camp is about discovering who you are and makes things that might be scary in life seem not so scary. When I walking into REALgirl I was scared but by the first day I already knew this would be a great experience.” -Talulla, 9

“When I started REALgirl, I really didn’t know how much I was going to learn and how much I was going to gain from coming. I learned so much about myself, my personality, and who I’m going to be. This camp truly changed me and my habits and future actions. It taught me everything from what kinds of snacks are healthy to being assertive. I’m so glad I came.” -Zoë, 13

“This is a very fun camp. It teaches you how to respect your body and treat it like a temple. After the week of fun crafts and meditation you will feel great about yourself. Also after REALgirl you can teach all of your friends how to speak up and know what is good media and bad media. Good luck!” -Isabella, 10

“REALgirl is awesome and inspiring. I definitely recommend this program. It was so much fun. You not only meet some cool people but you learn new things about yourself as a woman/girl. I was nervous in the beginning but by the middle of the first day, I wasn’t nervous anymore but having tons of fun. I hope you join this program!”
-Diana, 14

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