Janice Starodub Empowerment Fund

Providing Scholarships to At-Risk Girls in Guatemala

Janice Starodub was a dear friend of REALgirl Founder Anea Bogue, and recently lost her courageous battle with cancer.

Janice spent many years of her life as a teacher and mentor dedicated to the education and empowerment of children and at-risk youth in Canada. In their early adult years, Janice and Anea worked closely together to guide and inspire young people in their community to reach their highest potential.

As a celebration of Janice’s life, REALgirl, in collaboration with Janice’s family, has launched the ‘Janice Starodub Empowerment Fund’. All proceeds from this fund will go directly to REALgirl’s Latin American branch: SERniña. Every year, SERniña provides life-changing social and emotional support to over 300 at-risk youth living in poverty in Guatemala.

Just $195 CAD provides full tuition for an adolescent girl to participate in a year-long SERniña program that provides life skills, sexual health education, and financial literacy, all of which are designed to end the cycle of poverty for girls and their families and challenge the staggering gender inequity in Guatemala.

Just $45 CAD buys one girl her ‘Empowerment Pack’ including all personalized materials she will use for one year in SERniña.

Just $15 CAD buys one girl a menstrual health starter kit so she can feel prepared and excited about her changing body.

Every dollar helps to create a brighter and empowered future for our participants. You can learn more about the issues facing girls in Guatemala by reading SERniña’s blog here.

We hope through this memorial fund, Janice’s fierce and inspiring spirit and her dedication to youth education and empowerment will live on.


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