REALgirl® Creator & Director
Anea Bogue, M.A., CLC, B.Ed.

REALgirl® Empowerment Workshops and Camps for Girls - by Anea Bogue
A highly sought-after contributor to various media outlets, Anea is an acclaimed expert on issues of self-esteem with girls and women. The mother of 18-year-old and 6 year old daughters, Anea is absolutely passionate about the empowerment of girls and women and has dedicated more than half her life to this cause. She brings over 20 years of experience to her work as an educator (middle and high school teacher for 10 years), certified life coach, consultant, author and speaker. Anea is also the creator and director of REALgirl®, a revolutionary empowerment program for girls ages 9 – 16, yielding incredible transformations in girls. Her first book was released in May. Titled, 9 Ways We’re Screwing Up Our Girls and How We Can Stop: A Guide to Helping Girls Reach Their Highest Potential, it is based on her Master’s Thesis which was dedicated to the self-esteem crisis among women and girls. She also recently co-founded TrueMoon, a new organic tampon company dedicated to providing safe, healthy feminine care products and positive, informative messaging for girls and women about their bodies. Whether through her book, featured articles, workshops or speaking engagements, Anea is committed to helping each girl and woman reach her highest potential. She has appeared on CBS, CTV, Global and CW news shows and has been interviewed on multiple radio stations. She writes for the Huffington Post, Maria Schriver, Forbes, Shine, Disney and many more.

Northern California Regional Manager & Lead Instructor
Kimberly Gibbons, M.A.

Kimberly Gibbons bring Anea Bogue's REALGirl® vision to the San Francisco East Bay Area
A former teacher, an empowering leader and a dynamic speaker, Kimberly Gibbons is ecstatic about the opportunity to bring Anea Bogue’s REALGirl® vision to the San Francisco East Bay Area. Kimberly has spent much of her career inspiring girls to unlock their personal power, enabling them to generate increased self-confidence and personal success. With a B.A. from the University of California, Irvine and a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Kimberly believes strongly that it is our responsibility to connect with the next generation, helping them to discover the power and beauty of what it means to be a woman. Kimberly’s goal is to utilize the core philosophies and innovative and interactive curriculum of REALgirl® to help empower local young women.

Asia Regional Manager & Lead Instructor
Justine Campbell, MBA, MIC

Justine Campbell is an instructor for REALgirl empowerment workshops in New Jersey
Our exclusive licensing partner in Asia, Justine Campbell works closely with Anea Bogue to bring the REALgirl® program to the Asian market. Justine is the founder of the emotional wellness organisation in Hong Kong, Mindquest Group and is a certified Counselor, Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Social-Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trainer and Master NLP Practitioner. She is currently working on her PhD focused on understanding the prevalence and treatment of anxiety in children in Asia. Although Justine has a particular interest in working with children facing challenges, she delivers group and individual sessions to people of all ages, focused on giving her clients the tools to be all they can truly be. She practices under the clinical supervision of renowned child psychologist, Dr. Jadis Blurton and focuses on areas including anxiety, self-worth, motivation, perfectionism, emotion regulation and stress management. Justine also finds the time and energy for her important role as wife and mother to 3 children. She is very excited to bring the REALgirl® Program to Hong Kong.

UK Regional Manager & Lead Instructor
Alexandra “Atty” Lennox, M.A.

Justine Campbell is an instructor for REALgirl empowerment workshops in New Jersey
Atty is a psychotherapist who is passionate about the health, wellbeing and empowerment of women, children and teens. She recently founded Healthy Families Happy Kids, a consulting group that provides emotional support, and educational and inspirational workshops for kids, teens and families in London. Atty met Anea Bogue while doing a masters degree in Women’s Spirituality in California. Her thesis work examined the devaluation of the feminine and women in Western culture and the need to reintegrate social structures that support, value and empower women as a way to address the imbalance and destructive aspects of western culture. She then trained in counseling psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, a cutting edge institution that offers an integrated outlook to psychological practice, bringing together the diverse approaches of clinical, somatic and spiritual psychology. Alexandra’s area of special interest is adolescence. She is trained in family therapy, human development, human sexuality, non-directive play therapy, alcohol and chemical dependency counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy among others. She utilizes her diverse training in counseling and psychology to provide a safe, supportive space both within the REALgirl® context and within her private practice. Alexandra is continuing her studies at the Tavistock clinic in London, a renowned leader in pioneering theories and treatment about emotional and psychological wellbeing. She is thrilled to bring REALgirl’s transformational program to the UK.

REALgirl Guatemala Regional Manager & Lead Instructor
Danielle Skogen, B.Ed.

A teacher by trade, Danielle has always believed that education and empowerment are the keys to ending poverty. As a teacher for three years and a Manager of the Child Sponsorship Program of a Guatemalan NGO for two years, Danielle has honed her skills as an educator while also pursuing her passion for eradicating poverty and seeking out equal rights and opportunities for all. In everything she does, Danielle follows the spirit of volunteerism and compassion that sparked within her at a young age. Among many prosocial efforts, she led a Social Justice League and started a ‘Youth In Action’ group in Calgary, Canada. Most recently, over the past two years, Danielle has immersed herself in the Guatemalan lifestyle, as she cares deeply about understanding their customs and culture so that she can best support and collaborate with locals. Her work with youth and desire to create lasting change in Guatemala ultimately lead her to pursing instructor certification with REALgirl. In her world travels and experiences abroad, Danielle was struck by the amazing strength and abilities that exist within every girl. However, she soon realized that due to the many messages and obstacles that chip away at their self-value, girls often do not reach their full, incredible potential. Danielle believes in the empowerment of all girls and women, not only to better their own lives, but also to create positive change on a global scale. Danielle is thrilled at the profound impact REALgirl Guatemala (SERniña) has had to date and looks forward to its continued expansion and near future launch of a parallel boys program (SERniño).

REALgirl® Instructor, Northern California
Lauren Stower, B.A., M.A.

Jessica Pease is a REALgirl camp and workshop facilitator in southern California
Lauren Stower (‘Miss Luna’) is a Bay Area native passionate about youth empowerment and social justice. With 5 years in classroom settings, and a lifetime of community organizing and advocacy, her passion for education places girls’ authentic voices, histories and dreams at the center of learning. While at UC Santa Cruz, Lauren received a B.A. in Feminist Studies where she was designer and directer of a course, “Women and Prison” in the Gender Studies Department.  At the University of San Francisco, her English credential and Masters in Teaching focused on Urban Education and Social Justice with  a Spanish bilingual credential. She has taught all ages, from Berkeley High, Hayward’s Tennyson High, and Berkeley’s REALM Charter School. She strives to elevate the minds and hearts of young girls, focusing on positive body image and health, self-love, acceptance, ally-ship and empathy through anti-bullying & team-building. Lauren thrives off the connections with REALgirls’ families, and the friendships that unfold among girls, prioritizing their comfort, happiness, and growth, always in all ways.

REALgirl® Instructor, Northern California
Rachel Stower, B.A.

Rachel’s unique life experience is what drew her to her teaching career, and ultimately to REALgirl. After struggling with bullying and self-esteem issues throughout her adolescence, she made it her personal mission to support children and to empower the minds of future generations. Rachel has spent nearly a decade teaching in an urban, low socioeconomic area.  She has taught across the age scale, from kindergarten through high school.  She ran an after-school art program for an at-risk elementary school in Santa Cruz, guiding children to use art as an outlet for healthy creative and emotional expression. She also worked with PLAYWORKS, an organization that brings behavior management tools to public schools through respectful and safe play through positive interactions during recess. In all that she does, Rachel takes a holistic approach to supporting and educating her students. To best reach children from all backgrounds, Rachel conducted much research on eating disorders and other mental health issues, as well as took numerous professional development courses, including anti-bullying, LGBTQ, and equity centered curricula. Additionally, Rachel enjoys providing one-on-one support for her students, leading tutoring for kids pre-K through high school, acting as both an academic tutor as well as a mentor. She also counsels parents with children who are emotionally disturbed or have behavioral issues. Rachel loves working with children: to her, it’s not just a job, it’s her passion and what she wants to wake up for every morning!

REALgirl® Instructor, Northern California
Klaudeen Shemirani, M.A.

Klaudeen Shermani is an instructor for realgirl empowerment camps to northern california
Klaudeen is passionately dedicated to the empowerment and healing of girls and women, investing nearly 15 years of research and practice of cracking the code of women’s relationship to negative self-esteem, body-image and imbalanced well-being. Through her work as a holistic life coach, somatic meditation guide and healing practitioner, Klaudeen is in service to one of her greatest joys: helping women and girls discover, trust, and embody the power of their wisest self, as well as find inspired meaning in their day to day lives—including the hidden gems, lessons and guidance inside all emotional conflict and stress. Klaudeen is also a teacher and group facilitator at A Center for Natural Healing in Santa Clara, where she facilitates women’s groups (all ages), including Women of Divine Light and Sacred Shimmy Circles. She is thrilled to be a part of the REALgirl® Team, and hopes to utilize her knowledge and deeply rooted compassion to further her mission of supporting the empowerment girls and women.

Klaudeen received her Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in the field of Peace & Conflict Studies, and her Master’s degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, in the specialized field of Women’s Spirituality.

REALgirl® Instructor, New York City, NY
Kristen Huffman, B.A.

Kristen has been instructing Yoga Booty Ballet in L.A. since 2008 and completed her Hatha yoga training at White Lotus Foundation in 2010. Her popular instruction style “Feels Pretty Awesome,” keeps her classes non-competitive, encouraging women and men of all ages to celebrate themselves in a loving, spirited fitness environment. Kristen’s passion is in sharing the benefits of an opening physical (yoga or dance) practice with those who may not otherwise consider one; especially children, Seniors, and those who live with special needs.

Before becoming an instructor, Kristen studied elementary education, graduating with a B.A. in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  As Vice President of Programming for Delta Gamma, Kristen learned the value of female community and ritual.  She is ecstatic about the work she is able to do with REALgirl and REALWoman, in facilitating supportive and strong communities in alignment with her life and work in the studio. Kristen writes and performs Improv and sketch comedy, and you can find her work on Funny or Die.  She balances the intensity of her spirited work, with making plenty of fun of herself.

As a new Aunt and Godmother, Kristen believes that strengthening our young girls will strengthen the women, boys, and men who love them.  Kristen enjoys witnessing the beautification of entire families and communities through the growth and strength we foster in our daughters and nieces.

REALgirl® Instructor, Los Angeles, CA
Valerie Chaney, M.Ed.

Valerie Chaney is a highly trained educator who is deeply inspired by the inherent power of women and girls and is passionate about helping them discover or recover that power within themselves. After earning her Masters degree in Education from UC Davis, she went on to teach middle school in Northern California where she saw first-hand how low self-esteem in young girls affects every aspect of their daily lives and often keeps them from reaching their full potential. It was this experience, along with her own struggles with self-esteem and body image as a teen and young adult that brought her to REALgirl. Valerie considers herself a lifelong learner and is currently studying issues around intersectionality of identity and how, as women, we can best support one another and stand strong together against inequality. As an advocate for civil rights and socioeconomic justice, she is particularly interested in bringing the message of REALgirl to low-income communities, where there is so much untapped potential. Valerie is dedicated to the empowerment of young girls, teaching them at an early age that they can do whatever their male counterparts can do. She believes this will lead to more women in leadership and political roles, with women’s perspectives being equally represented in our communities and in our nation at large. She is committed to doing her part to facilitate these necessary changes, by making it possible to achieve true gender parity and the benefits of women and men working in partnership.

REALgirl® Instructor, Los Angeles, CA
Karen Fox, B.A.

Karen Fox is a REALgirl camp and workshop facilitator in southern California
Karen’s journey with REALgirl® began in 2012, when she was hired as Anea’s assistant. She immediately became immersed in the program, quickly fell in love with it and became committed to playing a more active role in guiding girls through this amazing and transformative experience. After struggling through an adolescence plagued by insecurity and bullying, Karen found high school theater, where she discovered the healing power of art and community. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Florida State University, and now calls upon her own adolescent experience, her training, and her passion for the empowerment of girls to create that safe space of community, expression and sisterhood during the REALgirl® workshops and camps. She is honored and excited to be part of the REALgirl® team.

REALgirl® Instructor, Orange County, CA
Corinne Eikanas, B.S.

Corinne is passionate about learning: she is forever a student. Her background in instructional technology and management leadership development within the high tech industry for 12 years has kept her zest for learning and constant change afloat. Now a mother of two girls, she experiences first-hand the challenges of social media, bullying, and passive aggressive behavior that her daughters face on a daily basis. Her desire to raise confident, self-assured women has become her greatest passion. She is thrilled and honored to be a part of the REALgirl team and to introduce the REALgirl curriculum to girls in Orange County and beyond. With a B.S. from University Notre Dame de Namur in Counseling and Human Services Administration, Corinne is particularly interested in reaching elementary school kids who are exposed to “mean girl” behavior and to teach them how to create an armor for those situations in a confident, effective manner.  It is important to Corinne to give back to the community and lead by example by including her two daughters in volunteer opportunities. Together, they sponsor two orphan children in Haiti, work at a local food pantry, and volunteer at their schools and church. Corinne takes this passion for paying it forward and establishing strong support networks into her work with REALgirl.

REALgirl® Instructor, New Jersey
Kirstin Hara, M.A., CHHC

Kirstin Hara is an instructor for REALgirl empowerment workshops in New Jersey
Kirstin has worked with girls and women for 20 years, first as a dance educator and then as a certified life coach. After years of training as a ballet dancer, she spear-headed a contemporary dance curriculum that empowered her students to trust their own natural movement instincts and creative expression in the dance studio and beyond. After graduating with a master’s degree in spiritual psychology, she transitioned to life coaching. As a coach, she is passionate about helping girls and women connect to the wisdom of their bodies, to the truth in their hearts, and to courageously embody their unique and powerful expression of life. As the mother of two daughters, Kirstin is more passionate than ever about inspiring girls to live authentic and empowered lives and is thrilled to be the ambassador of REALgirl® to the east coast.

REALgirl® Instructor, Chicago
Jessica Pease, A.S.

Jessica Pease is a REALgirl camp and workshop facilitator in southern California
Jessica has worked with girls of all ages for over half her life, as a nanny, preschool teacher, special education aide and community volunteer. After earning her A.S. in Early Childhood Education, she found that she met many girls like herself who were looking for more ways to be involved at school and in the community.  Her own adolescent struggle with low self-esteem, and the eating disorder that came with it, inspired a determination and passion in Jessica to guide girls to love their bodies, seek healthy and fit lifestyles and have the courage to discover and ‘own’ their unique strengths and personalities. Jessica is proud to be a REALgirl® Instructor and thankful for the opportunity it provides to encourage girls to use their own voice and be courageous in the world.

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